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    Titanium v peg

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    Pack of 6 high load strength, lightweight titanium V-pegs

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    Designed with minimalist camping in mind, Apex are ultralightweight tent pegs made of titanium and weighing just 12 grams each.

    • Incredibly light & compact V-shaped tent peg
    • Perfect for soft ground
    • Reflective loop cord for easy removal and visibility
    • Tapered point makes staking easy

    Titanium is light and strong meaning Apex provides the perfect balance of weight versus holding power, Apex tent pegs offer added holding power in soft ground due to their 'V' shape design.

    Crafted from titanium these pegs are light and strong, weight is further reduced thanks to the lightening holes along the titanium shaft. A guide slot at the top of the peg secures your guy line.

    Each peg comes with reflective accessory cord to help you extract the peg when you break camp. It's worth carrying a few extra in case of emergency.


    Key Features

    Vital stats


    Weight: 12g / peg
    Length: 165 mm

    Origin: China