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How do I fix a hole in a dry bag?

You will need a Stormsure patch.

  • Make sure that the surface of the Gourdon is clean and dry
  • Lay the injured Gourdon on a flat surface and peel the backing off the Stormsure patch
  • Place the patch on top of the rip and allow to dry

We have tested these on a range of fabrics (drybags, tent ground sheets, breathable waterproofs anything really), its been put in the washing machine, used in high abrasion areas and works a treat. I wouldn't expect it to be a permanent repair though and would probably get me through a month of use before I gave up and either used a more permanent heat sealed patch we offer at Alpkit or if it was a Gore-tex or eVent jacke send it off to an authorised repair centre. The patches are as easy as using cellotape - as long as the surface is clean and dry (a fleece sleeve works great!) just take the back cover off and apply pressure over it. Leave it for 5-10 mins, just enought time to make a brew or play a game of tag and then it should be stuck enough to carry on. After 30 mins to an hour it will be well stuck on.

We've got two different packs of Stormsure:

  • Tuff Tape: 5m x 0.75m rectangular tape- This is perfect to stick in a repair kit and cut out the shape you need
  • Tuff Patches: 10 x 75mm round patches- Knicks, tears and small rips are easily covered with these already cut patches
How to rewax your waxed cotton product

If you notice your waxed cotton pack isn't repelling water as it should (for example, the water isn't beading off), it probably needs rewaxing. Otherwise, we recommend rewaxing it every 12 months.

First, make sure your pack is clean. If it isn't clean just sponge it down with cold water and brush it lightly to remove dirt or grit. If it's really dirty (these things happen!) hand wash it in cold water with Nikwax Tech wash. Don't dry clean or wash your waxed cotton pack.

Spray Nikwax Wax Cotton Proof onto the outer of the bag, paying close attention to the seams and area of high wear. The waterproofing will look opaque and white, don't worry - it will dry clear!

Once you've sprayed the bag, rub the cotton proof into the fabric and remove any excess. Buff the bag.

Let the bag hang dry in a well ventilated area, avoid humid places! It may take a coupld of days to completely dry. Bob's your uncle! A rewaxed bag ready for your next adventure!

If you don't fancy rewaxing your own bag, you can send it off to Rewax and they'll do it for you. Head over to for more information.