UKCampsite reviews Trinity

UKCampsite reviews our Trinity LED camping lantern

By UKCampsite

UKCampsite has just given us a straight-talking review of a couple of camping lanterns that are more than just an illumination device. These aren't some fragile, cumbersome, power-hungry beasts - no, these are compact, resilient, user-friendly, and bright. They've been designed with simplicity, serving as a torch when needed and transforming into a lantern with just a quick pull.

The brightness is commendable, casting a light that's strong enough to enjoy a good read or operate your electronic devices. It doesn't just stop at that, these little gems are designed to be versatile - sporting foldable hooks that let you hang them up in your tent and expandable feet for when you want a flood of light on your makeshift dining table.

And here's the real stroke of genius. These lanterns, they run on four humble AA batteries. No need to lug around charging units or scramble around looking for an electric hookup. UKCampsite gives a practical tip - have a spare set of batteries on hand and you won't be left groping in the dark.

Overall, UKCampsite were bowled over by the lanterns. Their verdict? These camping aids are a non-negotiable part of their gear. Now, that's what you call smart design and smart use - a marriage of convenience and functionality that leaves an impression.

The lanterns are small, tough, easy to use and bright. You can use both as a torch, and by simply pulling the top from the bottom they expand into a lantern design and emit a bright and wide light filling the tent.

Overall we were most impressed and would not go away without these in the bag.

UKCampsite review the Trinity LED camping lantern

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