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Bright and versatile, the cleverly designed Trinity has both lantern and torch modes so you don't have to stumble around the campsite in the drark.

190 lumens maximum output might not sound like much but it can throw out a pool of light that reaches for around 90m. And driven by 4 x AA batteries (included), the Trinity lasts for well over 100 hrs on low power.

You can control the brightness by holding down the power button until you reach the level you want. And when you need to find your way to the toilet block, the Trinity pops down into a handheld torch with a more focused beam.

Retractable feet increase the lantern's stability on flat surfaces and the integral hook allows it be hung from tent ceilings and tree branches. Nestled inside the base is a mounting point for screwing onto tripods.


Key Features

  • Bright lantern mode that throws light for around 90m
  • Pops down into a handheld torch with a more focused beam
  • Fully adjustable brightness using the power button
  • Retractable feet for support, tripod screw and foldaway hanging loop
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


190 lumens (max)

Burn Time

3.5 hrs / 190 hrs (max / min power)

Waterproof Rating

IPX5 water resistant (do not immerse in water!)


4 x AA batteries (included). Compatible with NIH rechargeable batteries. (Do not use rechargeable Lithium batteries)


140 mm x 65 mm diameter (popped down) 250g


Origin: China