TGO Magazine Reviews Kepler

Chris Townsend finds merino base layer suitable for various uses, not just biking

By David Hanney

Chris Townsend from TGO magazine appreciates the Alpkit merino base layer for its versatile usage, highlighting its warmth, breathability, quick drying, and odour resistance.

Made from 100% premium 160gsm merino wool, the Alpkit Kepler is an excellent multi-sport base layer that claimed to deliver warmth, breathability, quick drying and odour resistance (within reason) and it delivers that pretty well as it turns out.

The fabric wicks effectively and is a natural material, offering a resistance to odour, especially useful for multi-day trips. The Kepler's cut is more universal, wicking effectively and drying out quickly when sweat accumulates. Its versatility in temperature ranges and its high warmth-to-weight ratio stand out. Additionally, it's soft on the skin, doesn't irritate like some synthetics.

Overall, Chris believes it offers a great value for its price, concluding that it is a super snug, well wicking and comfy base layer suitable for various uses, not just biking.

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