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    • BOMS-SBOTHBIB-01-the_scottish_bothy_bible

    The Scottish Bothy Bible

    Geoff allan

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    Geoff Allan navigates you across burns and bogs, from Viking longhouses to highland homesteads, to reveal Scotland's unique and hidden network of bothies.

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      Oh humble bothy, what stories are held within your walls? Whose hands laid your foundations, crafted your walls, your doors, your windows, your roof?

      'A simple shelter in remote country for the use and benefit of all those who love being in wild and lonely places' (Mountain Bothies Association). The bothy is something quite unique to Scotland, a resource to be cherished.

      This first ever complete guide to the Scottish bothies shares the country's unique, diverse, and often hidden network of bothies, cabins and mountain huts.

      Presenting a complete listing of bothies, including high-traffic spots and hidden gems, Allan takes the reader to Viking longhouses, island hideaways and highland homesteads, recounting captivating histories, imparting useful approach information, and sharing practical hillcraft knowledge along the way.

      Rich in knowledge and information that reflects Allan's wealth of bothying experience, The Scottish Bothy Bible is the essential guide to wild adventure living.


      Key Features

      • Featuring full details of over 100 MBA bothies
      • Foreword by Jamie Andrew OBE
      • Stunning Photography
      • Fascinating History
      • Route Descriptions
      • 3 Year Alpine Bond