The trail can be hard and unforgiving but antishock trekking poles can help reduce some of the fatigue associated with a long hike.

The Shox handle has a strong spring built in. It can only move a couple of centimetres which is enough to soften the blows without feeling insecure in use. It can be easily locked out for even greater stability.

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If you are on a mountainous trek it is unlikely you will want your poles in your hands all the time. You might face a tricky scramble where you just need to stow them away fast. Adjustment is easy-peasy with the snap-lock widgets. They work great with gloved hands and they are easier to maintain than twist lock mechanisms.

At the business end of the pole the hard tungsten tip provides great grip as well as ensuring longevity, while for more delicate terrains we provide a rubber tip protector. Shox comes with trekking baskets, if you'd like some even larger snow baskets, just mention it in the 'Notes' at the checkout. Shox will break down to a compact 55 cm to stow in your kit bag.

Also available as a pair.

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Key Features

  • Antishock handle with twist action to lock out
  • Secure snaplock widgets for easy pole adjustment
  • Durable tungsten tip
  • 3 section tough Duralumin shaft
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Pole weight: 278 g Basket weight: 10 g Tip protector: 8 g Min packed length: 55 cm 3 sections Handle length: 13 cm Tungsten tip Min / Max usable pole length: 67 / 130 cm Duralumin poles EVA foam handle

Origin: China


The Details