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  • Scotland Mountain Biking Volume 2
    • Scotland Mountain Biking Volume 2

    Scotland Mountain Biking Volume 2

    Phil mckane

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    24 great mountain biking routes in Scotland

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    Scotland Mountain Biking, Wild Trails Vol.2 is Vertebrate's second volume of Scottish MTB rides, featuring 24 classic mountain bike rides across Scotland. Like the original Wild Trails guidebook, this book features rides suitable for all levels of mountain bikers.

    Split into three sections (Southern & Central Scotland, North West Scotland & Islands, and North East Scotland) this book includes challenging mountain passes, endless singletrack, lochside cruises and more, all in a country named a Global Superstar by the International Mountain Biking Association.

    Researched, ridden and written by Scottish Mountain Bike Guide Phil McKane, each route features clear and easy to use Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 maps, easy-to-follow directions, details of distance, timings and difficulty gradings, and refreshment stops, and local knowledge.

    The book is illustrated with stunning action photography from top pro photographer Andy McCandlish, and also features a detailed Appendix.

    Phil McKane has been addicted to riding mountain bikes since his fluorescent Emmelle was systematically rattled to pieces beneath him, around 1991. Since then he had dabbled in many aspects of mountain biking, from cross-country racing to wilderness touring. Phil is a Scottish Mountain Bike Leaders Association (SMBLA) qualified trail cycle leader, mountain bike leader and expedition leader and runs Scottish MountainBikeGuides www.scottishmountainbikeguides.com), leading mountain bike holidays and skills courses all over the country, from the 7 Stanes to the Western Isles.