No Easy Way

‘If we were guaranteed success in everything we tried then life would be pretty boring.’

Away from climbing coverage in the mainstream news focusing on tragedy and queues on Everest, a group of pioneering mountaineers attempt bold new routes and first ascents in the barely explored fringes of the greater ranges in a daringly lightweight style.

Piolet d’Or winning Mick Fowler is the master of the small and remote Himalayan expedition, developing this audacious approach whilst balancing family life and a full-time job at the tax office. His third volume of climbing memoirs recounts expeditions to mountains in China, India, Nepal and Tibet where he attempts technically challenging new lines on Shiva, Gave Ding and Mugu Chuli.

"Mick continues to be one of the world’s major exponents of super alpinism, pioneering uncompromising ways up very steep Himalayan peaks in impeccable style. There is modesty and self-deprecating humour evident in his entertaining public lectures that now shines out in the inspirational writing of his latest ‘character building’ climbs." - Doug Scott

Nominated for the 2019 Boardman Tasker Award


Key Features

  • Contains lots of little squiggly lines which your brain magically turns into words
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

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Oh, come on, who weighs their books?

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​Will disintegrate in heavy rain.