Kinder Scout

    Ed douglas and john beatty

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    Kinder Scout is the people’s mountain. Sandwiched between Manchester and Sheffield, it was home to the Kinder Mass Trespass
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    The Peak District was designated the UK’s first national park. Positioned between Manchester and Sheffield, Kinder Scout is known as Britain’s most popular ‘mountain’. It’s a beautiful yet featureless plateau, which was home to the Kinder Mass Trespass. It’s a symbol of the working class taking on the elite, it is enigmatic and treasured. This book is a celebration of a northern English mountain and our role in its creation.


    Key Features

    • Kinder Scout, home to the Mass Trespass of 1932
    • The social, political, cultural and ecological developments of Kinder
    • A celebration of the people’s mountain
    • 3 Year Alpine Bond

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