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    Chris Bonington Mountaineer

    Chris bonington

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    This books breaks down 30 years of Chris Bonnington's climbing with pages of wonderful photographs - an inspiration to any mountaineer

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    'Mountaineer' - We all dream of getting out to the Himalayas, bagging that first ascent and repeating the classics. Chris Bonnington has been there and got the t-shirt (this last year he ascended Old Man of Hoy at 70!)

    In this colourful photograph filled book, that you will flick through over and over again, Chris covers his thirty years of mountaineering history. Interesting accompanying stories and a lot of climbing heritage fill this book.

    One for the coffee table and anyones book shelf.

    Featured in this book:

    • Foundations
    • The Alpine Experience
    • Expedition Apprenticeship
    • Adventure Journalism
    • The Big Walls
    • Small teams, Fine peaks
    • K2 - End of an Era
    • Climbs from China
    • Snatched opportunities
    • Everest - A Fulfilment
    • Climbing Records

    Key Features

    • Amazing Full colour photography
    • Stories to get you excited
    • A record of true climbing heritage
    • 3 Year Alpine Bond