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    Bikepacking On The Wild Trails Of Britain

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    Laurence McJannet details all the basics required to get started with bikepacking or to make the leap to longer journeys

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      So, your friend’s told you about this bikepacking malarkey; it sounds great, just you and the bike, sleeping under the stars. However, where do you start? You could just slap on a rucksack with some basic kit and you’re away right?

      Well, sort of right. However at 3am, when the rangers are kicking you out of you camp because you've camped somewhere your not supposed to, it's raining, and your sleeping bag is wet because you didn't realise you needed a bivvy bag, then you’ll wish you’d had a good read of this book!

      Laurence McJannet does a great job in this book of explaining in detail all of the basics to get you out of the door and on the way to your first adventure. After you've gained a little experience, it will also help you make the leap to longer more committing journeys.

      It's also full of pre-planned trips with maps and camping locations to get ensure you have the easiest journey possible, that way you can forget all about the stress of planning, and just jump on your bike.

      They say the most essential piece of kit you can take on a trip is knowledge, it weighs nothing but can get you everything. This book is pure knowledge, and a great addition to your outdoor book collection.


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