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  • ACAKAIDKIT-BPK-01-backpacker first aid kit
  • ACAKAIDKIT-BPK backpacker-first-aid-kit-1
    • ACAKAIDKIT-BPK-01-backpacker first aid kit
    • ACAKAIDKIT-BPK backpacker-first-aid-kit-1

    Backpacker First Aid Kit

    Supply pack


    Basic emergency first aid kit in a roll-top waterproof bag for dealing with backpacking emergencies in wild places.

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      The most important kit in the mountains is the stuff that you hope you’ll never need.

      Pack includes:

      • 10 x 10 Non-adherent Dressing (2)
      • 5 x 5 Non-adherent Dressing (2)
      • 7.5 x 5 Adhesive dressing (2)
      • Assorted Blister Pack (6)
      • Conforming Bandage 5cm
      • Fabric Tape
      • Gloves (2 pairs)
      • Safety Pins (12)
      • Plasters 3 sizes (20)
      • Steri Strips (6)
      • Triangular bandage
      • Antiseptic wipes (6)

      First Aid Kits are essential for anyone out in the mountains. Our packs are tailored to suit different requirements and come in waterproof roll-top bags which give an adjustable pack size – add stuff in or take it out depending on where you’re headed.

      Selected for dealing with most of the common injuries when you’re out on a day walk, think of it as your ‘standard kit’. Rowan from the design team would take it for a day out walking in the Peak.


      Key Features

      • Meets minimum race requirements
      • Waterproof roll-top bags so that you can adjust the packed size.
      • Made and packed in the UK
      • 3 Year Alpine Bond