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  • Alpkit Footwear Kit
  • Alpkit Footwear Kit
    • Alpkit Footwear Kit
    • Alpkit Footwear Kit

    Alpkit Footwear Kit

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    ECO friendly restoring kit for footwear wash, proof and deoderise

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    Within this kit you get all you need to care for your Fabric and Combination footwear, Footwear Wash, Footwear Proof and Deodoriser, and a handy Brush to help remove dirt and maintain the general appearance of your footwear.

    • Improves water repellency
    • Lifts stubborn stains and marks
    • Hygenic finish to gear
    • Increased gear life span
    • Gentle to fabrics


    150ml Footwear Pre-Wash (Spray on)
    150ml Proofer (Spray on)
    100ml Deodoriser (Spray on)
    Crepe Brush.

    Key Features

    • Footwear Wash

      • Concentrated pre wash that help to lift dirt and stains from footwear.
      • Direct Application spray
      • pH Neutral
      • Suitable for both fabric and leather
      • Easy Rinse
      • Follow with suitable proofer or conditioner if necessary


      • Restores original finish to waterproof footwear, maximising performance.
      • Direct application
      • Air Curing
      • Suitable for all both natural and synthetic materials
      • Oil and stains resistance


      • Hygienically and effectively reduces odours, making items pleasant to use again.
      • Hypoallergenic when dry
      • Reduces bacteria and odour levels
      • Ideal for footwear, helmets, gloves