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    Active Root

    1 serving sports drinks mix


    Revolutionary formula designed to fuel your body with sustained energy, optimal hydration, and powerful natural ingredients.
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    Active Root Sports Drink Mix, a revolutionary formula designed to fuel your body with sustained energy, optimal hydration, and powerful natural ingredients.

    Harnessing the Power of Ginger

    At the heart of Active Root lies the potent force of high gingerol compound ginger. With over 200mg of natural dried ginger packed into each serving, this sports drink delivers a powerful punch of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Say goodbye to gastrointestinal distress and nausea, as the ginger works its magic to soothe and calm your body during even the most intense training sessions.

    Sustained Energy for Endurance

    Forget the short-lived bursts of energy from traditional sports drinks. Active Root features a carefully formulated blend of slow-burning cane sugar, providing a steady stream of fuel to power you through extended periods of physical exertion. Wave goodbye to energy crashes and embrace a consistent, long-lasting performance.

    Optimal Hydration for Recovery

    Proper hydration is essential for peak performance and recovery. Active Root's unique formulation includes replenishing sea salt, helping to replace vital electrolytes lost through sweat. Stay hydrated, reduce muscle cramps, and support faster recovery with this electrolyte-rich sports drink.

    Clean, Natural Ingredients

    Active Root is proudly crafted with only the finest, all-natural ingredients. No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives – just pure, unadulterated goodness designed to enhance your body's capabilities.

    Whether you're an endurance athlete, a dedicated fitness enthusiast, or simply someone seeking a healthier alternative to sugary sports drinks, Active Root Sports Drink Mix is your ideal companion. Fuel your passion, push your limits, and achieve your fitness goals with this game-changing sports drink.


    Vital stats

    Original Ginger

    Ingredients: Cane Sugar Blend (Natural Disaccharide, 50%, Glucose, 50% Fructose), Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Dried Ginger Extract
    *Packaging says this flavour contains green tea, which is incorrect


    Allergy Information
    There are no nuts in this recipe and the product is packed in a nut free environment, however we cannot guarantee that nuts are not handled by staff or visitors on the factory premises.


     Per 42g Serving
    Energy (kcal)160
    Protein (g)0
    Carbohydrate (g)40
    (of which sugars) (g)39.8
    Fat (g)0.23
    of which Saturates (g)0
    Salt (mg)567
    Sodium (mg)227
    Ginger (mg)239