Adventure Pedlars - A company born out of a 20,000km bike ride:

Adventure Pedlars - A company born out of a 20,000km bike ride:

By Dan Thompson

Adventure Pedlars - A company born out of a 20,000km bike ride:

Back in 2012, Pete & Alice McNeil set out from the Peak District on a Honeymoon bike ride. Two years and 20,000km later they showed up in New Zealand with a fresh perspective on love, life, riding bikes, sleeping outside, talking to strangers and pretty much everything that happens in the places between destinations.

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On returning home, convinced that the simple pleasures of a bicycle adventure can provide anyone with the perfect antidote to modern living, ‘Adventure Pedlars’ was born as a way of inspiring and helping others to get out on their own two wheeled adventures and, by doing so, re-engage in the most basic of ways with the world around us. #goniceplacesdogoodthings

Finding that limiting factors for the uninitiated range from not knowing what to do or not having enough spare time to not having the necessary bike or equipment; Adventure Pedlars has partnered up with kindred spirits Alpkit to provide their awesome range of Bikepacking luggage & wild camping gear to go along with the Adventure Pedlars hire fleet of Bikepacking and Adventure Touring bikes.

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Hiring out all the equipment you’ll need from one day to a month offers you the chance to have your own cycling adventures without first having to spend lots of money on equipment. They can even help with route choices and planning if you need it.

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Also, by offering overnight introductory courses for both Bikepacking and Adventure Cycle touring; Adventure Pedlars uses their extensive knowledge and experience as cycle guides, bike skills coaches, mechanics, adventure tourers and bikepackers to show you the ropes, whether you’re after a night under the stars or planning to be away for months in the saddle.

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And if you’re sold on the idea of a ‘once in a lifetime’ cycle trip but just don’t have the time or resources to put it together yourself, don’t settle for an ‘off the peg’ adventure. Whether the Himalayers or the Hebrides, Adventure Pedlars can work closely with you to put together your own personal guided or self-guided expedition, suiting your own needs and aspirations.

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“We believe that the humble bicycle is everyone’s golden ticket to their own unique adventure. Whether or not you’re a ‘cyclist’, to escape on a bike is to immerse yourself in both a landscape and its culture; whether that’s right on your own doorstep or on the other side of the planet. Traveling slowly enough to observe the smallest details in the environment but fast enough to notice vast changes in it too, you’ll have total freedom to explore and to stop or go whenever you want. It’s easily possible to carry enough stuff to support yourself comfortably whilst at the the same time forcing you to simplify life down to it’s basic essentials. In the search for food, water and shelter you’re likely to make friends out of strangers and engage in local cultures in places you’d never expected to find yourself. Unlike most other forms of transport, traveling by bicycle is not about the destination but the places in between.” - Adventure Pedlars

Watch Pete and Alice on their 20000km adventure here

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For the next month, Adventure Pedlars will be offering all of Alpkit’s fans 10% off when you book a hire package or introduction course. Helping you go nice places and do good things!

Just go to and quote the code: goniceplacesdogoodthings when you get in touch.

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