The Missing Piece of The Jigsaw

The Missing Piece of The Jigsaw

By Mark Roberts>

We've been beavering away at Alpkit HQ, working out how we can help with the scrubs-making campaign. _

Makers across the Sheffield and Chesterfield area have been volunteering for Scrub Hub (including Alpkit Hathersage’s Caroline). But with 36 home-printed paper templates to piece together, they were spending significantly more time assembling patterns and cutting fabric than sewing (almost 80%). _

Hathersage Repair Tech Anna had been talking to Scrub Hub’s local organiser (and all-round force of nature), Donna, and had a brilliant idea: ‘could Alpkit help with the cutting?’ We thought we could, so we quickly hatched a plan.


Design Tech Gabe worked with Scrub Hub’s pattern designer, Nick, to produce some full-size templates; we sent these to Steve at Prosign down the road; Steve sent us back some heavy-duty cardboard templates; Donna donated a big roll of fabric from her curtain-making business; Alpkit Fabric Cutter Rob volunteered to come into the empty factory in the evenings to start cutting; and Donna came back to collect the scrubs pieces: jigsaw complete. _

With a dedicated band of staff volunteers and Alpkit friends, we’ve been able to scale up production overnight, cutting 20-40 layers of fabric at a time. With a 400-500m roll of fabric, we were able to cut pieces for around 120 sets of scrubs which Donna has distributed to her small army of sewers. The scrubs are made from high-quality fabric that can be laundered and re-used in the future, but the demand is still huge.

As well as funding vital food bank projects, the Alpkit Foundation is seeking donations to help buy more fabric. If you think you might be help Donna and Scrub Hub’s operation, please get in touch with them.

Visit Scrub Hub to find your regional volunteer hub or Donna's fundraiser page to raise money for new fabric.

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