The Life Centre

The Life Centre

By Alpkit

The Alpkit Foundation is delighted to be supporting The Life Centre (Bierley Community Association)in Bradford as they go about planning their first residential camping adventure for young people who would not usually get the opportunity to venture outside inner city Bradford. Taking 10 young people from the community and giving them an outdoor experience that would not otherwise be possible. This project will challenge young people to push their boundaries and realise the excitement of the great outdoors. Over a weekend they will have to set up their own camp and be challenged in team building exercises and competitive sports. Archery, biking and orienteering will be amongst the activities enjoyed. The ultimate aim being to encourage young people to connect with the outdoors and eradicate a culture of anti-social activities and the ill effects of the disadvantage faced by our young people.

Rob from The Life Centre sums up why they are so passionate about this project. "Because the young people of our community would not usually have the opportunity to connect with the outdoors, it will at the same time strengthen relationships between centre staff and young people, as well as amongst the kids themseles. Our work to tackle disadvantage will be supported. The weekend will broaden the horizons of young people and be a memorable experience for all involved. Our young people cannot afford to 'go nice places and do nice things', the adventure would address this."

The grant will help go towards the cost of minibus, campsite and staffing, freeing up the accessibility of this kind of adventure to those that normally couldn't afford it. Based on the success of this first trip The Life Centre look forward to running more in the future.

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