The Alpkit Picks

The Alpkit Picks

By Talyn Williams>

As the year draws to an end, we’ve been reflecting on our favourite pieces of kit that we’ve loved using throughout 2017, from some classics to new arrivals. We’ve all got them, that favourite down jacket you’ve been living in for the past four months, or the stove you can’t take out of your car incase of the spontaneous need for an emergency brew.

That’s when we got to thinking, there’s loads of great gear out there that suits all kinds of people in all kinds of scenarios, whatever the adventure is. So to help you find that special someone their next favourite piece of kit, we’ve done a round up of just some of our favourites, from staff and Alpkiteers combined. Here’s what we can’t live without:

The Morphosis

Although the Morphosis jacket is relatively new, garment tech Gabe has been using it non-stop through its development stages and still can’t get enough of it. Here’s what he had to say:

In the last year my Morphosis has been on my back for more shenanigans that I care to mention. I've worn it walking into Coire-An-Sneachda, climbing big granite walls in Squamish, pottering around boulders here in the Peak District and frolicking around wet slate quarries in Snowdonia. In every situation it's excelled; it's just a really great bit of kit. The outer fabric is durable, it's stretchy, it's windproof and I'm always astonished how well it keeps off the odd shower or two. It's so comfortable and breathable there are few situations that it wouldn't be useful. Just get one, whether for yourself or a loved one, you won't regret it.”

Gabe in the Morphosis jacket after we asked him how many stars he would give it.

The Project Pad

Customer support hero Elly has had a busy year of bouldering, and after some thorough testing of the Project, doesn't plan a trip without it:

My pick for this year has got to be the Project Pad. It's perfect for days at the crag and thick enough to absorb big falls. I love the wraparound closure, keeping my shoes, jackets and snacks safe (most importantly snacks!). I also love how big the landing area is! In fact, it fits perfectly in the back of my car and makes a great sleeping mat for car camping nights if I don't fancy the drive home.

It might not be the easiest thing to wrap, but the Project pad would be a welcome gift for any climber.

My favourite bit of alpkit kit is akita top. I have worn this top day in and out through winter autumn even though it has had a rough ride still going strong. comfortable warm but lightweight enough to use on runs any length when combine wit with arro makes for incredible defence against cold winds. the other aspect that last adventure so way holds lots memories good times bad.

The Brukit

Finally here’s my favourite bit of kit, the Brukit Wolf. It’s no secret that Alpkit is primarily fuelled by coffee crazed outdoorsy folk, and that’s just me all over. Being on the road with all the Alpkit events means there’s often early mornings (earlier than usual anyway) and an active day ahead, and the Brukit sorts me out with my daily dose of caffeine in an instant. I can cook my porridge in the morning, noodles at lunch and whatever else I have left for the end of the evening before hitting the road again to head home. In three words - ‘an absolute lifesaver’ - and a perfect gift for anyone this Christmas.

Christmas Postage piece for details.

Whatever you decide to go with, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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