Temporary Store Closures

Temporary Store Closures

By Alpkit

We're very sorry to announce that our stores will be closed until further notice. Our website is still running and our Spring Countdown Sale will continue but, due to current government advice, it is no longer possible for our stores to remain open whilst continuing to practise safe social distancing measures.

As outdoor enthusiasts we are all having to adapt to stay safe. If this means avoiding our favourite areas of the country for the time-being, we believe it is a price worth paying. Our trails will recover, the chalk will fade, and our hills, crags, moors will still be there for us when all this is over.

Current government advice (as of 23/3) is that it is still possible to exercise outdoors - as long as we do so locally, don’t take unnecessary risks and are able to practice safe social distancing. Like you, being outdoors is an integral part of our lives. Exercising in wild spaces keeps us healthy in body and mind. But we are all having to adapt daily in order to keep each other safe.

As such, our stores will still be offering the Repair Station and Down & Waterproof Washing services to keep everyone’s kit in good working order. Sadly, a walk-in service will no longer be possible, so we would request that you contact our Customer Service Heroes (and their job title has never been more apt) on 01773 417007 or support@alpkit.com to book your gear in for washing and repair.

This is an extremely challenging time for small and medium-sized businesses, as it is for all of us. We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the messages of support we’ve been receiving over the past few days. Calling you customers does you a disservice: we are a community.

Go Nice Places, Do Good Things might have to go into hibernation for a bit. We might have to add some pre-conditions and sub-clauses. We might have to reinvent it entirely. But, rest assured, Go Nice Places Do Good Things will be back.

See you outside on the other side,

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