Our Extended Size Range

Our Extended Size Range

By Alex Guerrero

We’re working hard on size inclusivity. It’s not just about size ranges, it’s also about representation. And making people of all shapes and sizes feel welcome and valued. Extending our size range is just the start of our journey.

Last year, we added a size 18 to our women’s clothing range. This year, we’re adding a women’s size 6, 20 and a men’s XS. And we’re adding an XS to our award-winning Sonder Camino gravel bike.

We’ll be rolling the new sizes in with every new order to our factories. Eventually, every size we offer will be available in every product we do. So soon, “we offer a size 20!” will mean “every product we sell is available in a size 20”. Everybody and every single body deserve choice. Lack of kit should never limit people’s experiences.

Keep your eye out for new products in new sizes from this season onwards!

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