Proud new sponsors of the MWIS Peak District forecast

Proud new sponsors of the MWIS Peak District forecast

By Mark Roberts>

We're delighted to be supporting the Mountain Weather Information Service, the UK's leading forecaster of upland weather, as proud sponsors of its Peak District forecast.

The Mountain Weather Information Service (MWIS) has been providing mountain weather forecasts, across multiple UK areas, since 2003. With the principal aim of aiding mountain safety, MWIS provides vital information to climbers, walkers, skiers and instructors, allowing us to enjoy our wilder places all year round.

MWIS has become well known in the outdoor community for providing detailed and accessible forecasts, a comprehensive outlook that's useful to both novices and experienced mountain users alike. If you've not already visited their website, you've no doubt noticed their iconic PDF forecasts, pinned to youth hostel and campsite notice boards across the country.

Operated by a small team of forecasters with mountaineering experience, MWIS produces human forecasts 365 days a year for ten UK mountain areas. From Spring 2019, they also started providing a dedicated Peak District forecast to help walkers attempting the Pennine Way.

"Our Peak District forecasts cover the entire National Park, plus the southernmost Pennines, with particular emphasis on the harshest conditions experienced on our highest tops around Kinder Scout and Bleaklow," explains MWIS forecaster Garry Nicholson.

"The local weather in this part of the world can be quite different from that seen in the Yorkshire Dales and the Lakes. We're at the mercy of subtle changes in the prevailing west or southwesterly winds - sometimes we are sheltered by the mountains of Snowdonia, other times all the rain and low cloud will just come straight at us off the Irish Sea!"

The MWIS website was visited 7.5 million times last year, but their funding comes entirely from SportScotland (for the 5 Scottish areas), advertising and individual sponsorship from the mountaineering community. As regular users of MWIS ourselves, we fully support their work and are delighted to be sponsoring the Peak District forecast.

A detailed and reliable weather forecast is an essential tool for getting out in the hills safely - particularly with unpredictable British weather! With advances in forecasting and organisations like MWIS, it's never been easier to Go Nice Places, Do Good Things.

Check out the MWIS Peak District forecast for the next three days.

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