Mountain Rescue Defibrillator

Mountain Rescue Defibrillator

By David Hanney>

"Edale Mountain Rescue responded to no less than 107 incidents in 2017" - Dave Torr Edale Mountain Rescue

Getting to an emergency incident out on the hills, or at a crag can be time critical. So we were delighted to help fund a new defibrillator that was lighter and smaller, allowing the team to pack lighter and cover the ground more quickly.

Edale Mountain Rescue is funded with public donations and run entirely by volunteers. All team members are highly trained, motivated and very skilled.

It takes an average of 18 to 24 months to qualify to become a full team member, so training reflects in their professionalism and dedication. People who get help when they most need it are often the ones lost on the moors or fallen from one of the gritstone edges.In their moment of need, climbers, hikers, mountain bikers and paragliders, received world class help completely free of charge. This is unique to this country and why it's important to continue to support the effortsmountain rescue put in to keep us safe.

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