By Talyn Williams>

For young people suffering with sight loss, it can be really tough to find the confidence to get up and outside. And how can parents find the information to make sure they're doing the best for their child?

It's a hard situation to be in, but we at the Alpkit Foundation believe that everyone should have the means to enjoy the outdoors and the benefits it brings, no matter your age or ability.

Southampton Sightare a "a one stop hub for people living with sight loss". They offer all kinds of support for both parents with children affected by sight loss conditions and a place for those young people to relax in a safe environment and form lasting friendships with others. As well as all that, Southampton Sight also run activities to help get visually impaired youngsters enjoying the great outdoors, so when Lorna got in touch with us asking for a little help to keep the activities running, we could think of no better cause. Lorna told us a little more about the FuturEyes project...

"FuturEyes supports 8 young people living with Sight Loss through the secondary school phase and helps them prepare for transition to college apprenticeships or employment. Through outdoor activity we are able to encourage these young people to work beyond the limitations that their sight loss imposes in day to life with the aim of increasing confidence and self-belief.In additionwe are working on improvingresilience,communication,team work and problem-solving skills which are important skills for work and further learning.Alongside these activities in an informal approach we are exploring aspirations and careers ideas."

Combining outdoor activities such as walking, climbing, horse riding and kayaking with discussions about career development will really boost these young people's confidence and help prepare them for a bright future.

We couldn't be happier to be supporting such a great cause.

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