CoLAB 2008 Finalists

By Kenny Stocker

Sorry for the long delay in getting the results online. Some things have not gone to plan and the sad news is that Leo's schedule has not allowed him to take part in the selection process. Collating the results of the judges has been more challenging than expected, and in retrospect it would have been easier to have met around a table instead of trying to run it virtually, however we now have a list of finalists the judges are happy with.

Of the original 53 entrants two have chosen to withdraw from the competition. They were both strong entries and while we are sad to see them go we are really happy that they have chosen to further develop their products and take them to market. We wish them all the best with their ideas and hope that the competition has helped to stimulate their activity.

Considering the already late deadline, and fewer entries than hoped we think it makes sense to shortlist the finalists. On this note we have also increased the number of finalists from 9 to 10 as it was impossible to separate a couple of the entries. So the finalists, in no particular order are:
- Waterproof zip for performance outerwear
- User-Configurable Ice Tool Handles
- Double skin pans
- Xi External Interface Satellite Phone
- Lightweight versatile stove
- Rescue Light 3 in 1
- Modular Backpack System
- Retracta Map
- Foamless Bouldering Mat
- Beacon Bag

Sorry if you did not make it on to the finalists list this year. The entries were incredibly diverse and comparing different solutions to different problems, some of which were very personal to the entrant, has not been a simple task. We will now get in touch with the finalists to help them prepare their ideas for coLAB08 at the Outdoors Show in March.

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