Big Shakeout 2022 fallow year

Big Shakeout 2022 fallow year

By Col Stocker>

As some of you will be aware, Big Shakeout will be taking a fallow year this year. So while we look to replenish the good vibes and keep it lush and fresh, the Big Shakeout will be taking a breather. We're sad not to be able to bring what we know you have all come to love this year, especially as we know how special the weekend is and where we can all get together to learn, to inspire and celebrate the outdoors. But watch this space for 2023.

In the meantime there's still plenty to go at.

Store Events.

Keep learning & building your skills. Keep inspiring each other right through till next year!

While there may not be a Big Shakeout this year, we do have loads going on across all our stores where you can learn new skills and hone your existing ones as part of of our School of Adventure, or simply revel in the delights of the outdoors.

keswick school of adventure weekend
jenny graham womens gravel ride

Whether it's weekend events like our Keswick School of Adventure Weekend over August 19th-21st or the Women's gravel ride, talk and Q&A with Jenny Graham down in Kingston. From social bike rides to wild swimming, from talks to films there are loads of different events going on.

Find out what's going on at Alpkit Store Events

Now if the thought of no Big Shakeout this year leaves you feeling down, why not look to organise your own little-shakeout? Just like these amazing, adventurous souls did when we last fallowed in 2019.

Why not see what our superb hosts Thornbridge Outdoors have got to offer, book accommodation on site and get planning some adventures (we think our normal Big Shakeout weekend might still be free!). Or even do something from your own home, make a weekend of it, try something new, hang out with friends and share your adventures. But be sure to let us know what you're getting up to, we'd love to hear!

Alpkit Foundation

Of course all the hard work we put into the Big Shakeout is to celebrate just how amazing the outdoors is and to help inspire each other. But it's also to raise money for the Alpkit Foundation which helps open up the outdoors for everyone by supporting projects and individuals doing amazing things to break down obstacles. See what the Alpkit Foundation is up to and how you can get involved.

Till then... hope you are all able to #goniceplacesdogoodthings

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