2013 Filo Down Jacket

2013 Filo Down Jacket

By Ashleigh Naysmith>

Here in the Northern hemisphere we all know that the cold weather is approaching us and we hope to have our trusty Filo back for Christmas!

The Filo will be available in an array of vibrant new colours plus the much loved, faithful tones of black. Versatile enough to keep you cosy in the wilderness and for the commute to work or school.

Filo has been Alpkit’s best (and fastest) selling jacket for the past 6 years. This dependable down jacket has been tried and tested by staff, sponsorees and customers alike, in all corners of the Earth!
And what is not to love?! Light, compact, exceptional quality and a fantastic fit. Constructed to keep adventurers, climbers, bikers and mountaineers fit and healthy in the harshest of conditions. All this practice has made sure that the Filo will keep you warm and cosy for a whole host of day to day adventures! Whether you spend the winter days in the outdoors, need to keep warm on those chilly mornings to work, school or college, or even on that walk home from a quick evening drink at the local pub, Filo will be your best friend from October through to March (Or if you’re cold blooded like me, from September till late May!).

If you can't wait until then we still have a few womens Filo jackets onlineand a few bargain seconds in our Nottingham showroom.

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