Woodsmoke shirt masquerading as a fleece

Woodsmoke is a wolf in sheep's clothing

By Kenny Stocker

When is the best fleece not a fleece? Woodsmoke turns the definition of fleece on its head..

Our Woodsmoke shirt has been selected by TGO magazine as one of the top hillwalking fleeces for 2024, demonstrating its excellence in several key areas compared to other leading products.

  1. Material and Insulation: The Woodsmoke utilises a light and stretchy Thermocore polyester fabric with a brushed surface, which is pleasant against the skin and provides substantial warmth despite its thin profile. This choice of material offers excellent insulation suitable for layering, making it useful in a range of temperatures outside of strict winter conditions.
  2. Fit and Comfort: Praised for its fit and comfort, the Woodsmoke's design focuses on practicality without the bulkiness found in other jackets. Unlike the more fitted designs of jackets like the Smartwool Women’s Intraknit Active Full Zip Jacket, the Woodsmoke offers a balance of snugness without restricting movement, which is crucial for varied hillwalking activities.
  3. Versatility and Features: The Woodsmoke's design includes metal poppers for closure and dual high chest pockets, offering easy access and secure storage, different from many other jackets that feature zip closures and lower-placed pockets that might be less accessible with a harness or pack. While it lacks a hood, which many fleece jackets include for additional warmth, its overall structure supports effective layering under a shell or windshirt, enhancing its utility in diverse settings.

In essence, the Woodsmoke is a supremely versatile layer, valued for its exceptional balance of thermal efficiency, comfort, and practical design, all at a competitive price point, making it a worthy inclusion among the best fleeces for hillwalking in 2024.

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