Long sleeved merino base layer

Discover why merino base layers are good for cold weather cycling

By Talyn Williams

Jim Clarkson reviews the Alpkit merino base layer for off-road.cc and concludes it is a versatile, high-quality, and value-for-money base layer that offers both functional and aesthetic benefits.

A super snug, well wicking and comfy base layer - good price and usage outside of biking.
  1. Versatile Usage: The garment is an excellent multi-sport base layer that offers warmth, breathability, quick drying, and odour resistance. It's also versatile in style, being suitable for both outdoor activities and casual wear, such as at a pub after a day outdoors.
  2. Material Benefits: Made from 100% premium 160gsm merino wool, it is known for its wicking efficiency and is not petrochemical-based. The natural lanolin in merino wool provides some odour resistance, making it a Why good choice for multi-day trips.
  3. Fit and Design: The Kepler has a more general fit than the typical body-hugging base layer. It is designed to look good casually, in line with a relaxed mountain biking style. The garment is soft to the skin and non-irritating, unlike some synthetic materials.
  4. Performance: It wicks moisture effectively, dries quickly when wet, and performs well across a wide range of temperatures. It can be worn alone, under a wind or waterproof layer, or as a foundational garment on cold days. The Kepler offers a high warmth-to-weight ratio.
  5. Aesthetics: The finish of the garment is high-quality, with all seams being flatlock stitched. It is available in three color options and has a good overall appearance.
  6. Price and Value: The Kepler is competitively priced and serves as a well-functioning base layer suitable for three seasons. Jim mentions that it quickly became one of his default choices for wear.
  7. Comfort: The Kepler is described as "super soft" to the skin, providing warmth without causing irritation. It is a comfortable choice for biking and other activities.
  8. Overall Impression: Jim concludes that the Kepler is a super snug, well wicking and comfy base layer with a good price point and versatile usage beyond just biking activities. He would recommend it to others and finds it to be a good starting point for those in search of a long sleeve base layer.

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