Yeadon Air Cadets

Yeadon Air Cadets

By Alpkit>

Yeadon Air Cadets are the latest to receive funding from the Alpkit Foundation. They would like to take their cadets wild camping, to cook, practice survival skills, and do camouflage and concealment. The squadron has four newly trained instructors, but have little basic equipment. The cadets are 12 - 18 years old and are members of the local community.

Gareth explains the importance of the project. “We want to teach young people to be responsible, confident, self sufficient and gain a love for the outdoors. We want them to feel in control and comfortable in the outdoors, without lots of tech and excessive equipment. We want them to know how to use equipment properly, such as layering and efficient cooking. Most of all, we want them to go out and do it themselves as they grow older, and maybe teach their families too! Without funding, we simply can't go and I really want to take these kids out on adventures!”

The Alpkit Foundation will provide funding, which will go toward the purchase of sleeping mats and bags, bivvy bags and shelter.

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