Welcome Rehna to the Alpkit Foundation

Welcome Rehna to the Alpkit Foundation

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We certainly understand the power of being able to enjoy the outdoors and Rehna is right at the heart of this in what she does. Having experienced the benefits first hand, she is now taking that passion to help others and shape their lives in a positive way.

What's more, she has recently picked up the BMC Young Volunteer Award, which recognises young people making significant voluntary contributions to the BMC and its commitment to supporting climbers, hillwalkers and mountaineers. This achievement recognises her input into the BMC ethnic diversity strategy, delivering a webinar on youth engagement and work on encouraging ethnically diverse young women to experience the outdoors.

It's great to have Rehna Yaseen join us as a trustee at the Alpkit Foundation and we're excited about how she can help steer what we are doing and achieve some real positive actions.

"I am project lead for a youth and community for an outdoor charity called Lindley Educational Trust, where we use the outdoors as our main tool of engagement with young people- facilitating the best experiences for them to widen their horizons.

"I wasn’t always into the outdoors- coming from a South Asian background meant that it wasn’t really part of our norm. Instead, our version of the outdoors was playing out on our bikes and scooters. I didn’t know of hills, crags and climbing walls etc. Being exposed to the outdoors within my teenage years through a local youth club changed my life and I feel very fortunate that fast forward 10 years I am doing the same for so many other young people in similar situations. Getting people from diverse backgrounds, particularly women is my focus. Young people are the future so helping shape them using the outdoors - creating resilient, strong, and happy youngsters is a dream and I live that every day."

So it really is wonderful to have Rehna join us as a trustee here at the Alpkit Foundation, really strengthening the insight, connection and vision of supporting others dedicated to removing obstacles facing those looking to access the outdoors.

"The Alpkit foundation works to remove barriers to people accessing the outdoors and aligns with everything I believe in. Supporting grass-roots organisations to get outdoors- improving mental and physical health no matter their background or situation."


  • Fantastic news. Rehna is a great advocate for the young people in Ashton-under-Lyne and someone to listen to. She will have a significant impact for good on the causes that she chooses to champion. Respect! Rehna. Every blessing as you take on this role.

    Revd Roger Farnworth

    May 05, 2021

  • Very good news and happy to know a young person is one of the Trustees. I am sure she will be an inspirational asset to the Foundation as a voice for young people and communities.

    Yvonne Witter

    May 04, 2021

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