Supporting Lancashire Boys & Girls Clubs

Supporting Lancashire Boys & Girls Clubs

By Alpkit

The Alpkit Foundation is pleased to support Lancashire Boys & Girls Clubs. Their mission statement is: “to inspire and enable all young people, especially those considered to be disadvantaged, to realise their potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.” The Association was formed in 1934 and works with over 45 affiliated clubs throughout Lancashire. They aim to assist and support these clubs in providing a safe and exciting place for young people, where they can participate in a range of activities, develop through positive experiences, make new friends, learn about themselves and realise their potential. Lancashire Girls & Boys Clubs would like to take a group of disadvantaged young people on a five day personal development adventure residential. The project will see 12 participants aged 15 come together at Ormside Mill Residential Centre. As well as taking place in adventurous activities, the young people will also complete a social action project, benefitting the centre and its future users.

Andrew, from the organisation, explains why the project is happening. “ The course will provide a memorable experience and enable the development of personal confidence and character through taking on challenges and achieving success in a series of adventurous activities e.g. Gorge Walking, Rock Climbing, Caving and an overnight wild expedition. Due to the nature of the activities, the group will also develop an appreciation of leading and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. As residential trips are an intense experience, the group will also develop their self-awareness, social skills and an appreciation of the contribution and achievements of themselves and others. The group will also have to cater for themselves and maintain the cleanliness of the centre, therefore learning life skills that will ease their transition into adult life.”

The project would like help from the Alpkit Foundation as many of the affiliated clubs associated with Lancashire Boys & Girls Clubs are situated in areas in the top 1 & 2 decile for deprived areas in the UK, according to the index of multiple deprivation. In many cases, finance is therefore a major barrier, preventing participation in activities. With help from the Foundation, this financial barrier can be removed, thus enabling all 12 participants to successfully carry out the five day personal development adventure.

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