Supporting Chloe through Outward Bound's Skills for Life Course

Supporting Chloe through Outward Bound's Skills for Life Course

By Alpkit>

The latest individual to receive funding from the Alpkit Foundation is Chloe. She would like to attend The Outward Bound Trust's 19 day Skills for Life Award at their Loch Eil site, the organisations most remote centre. The Skills for Life Award is specifically for 15 - 19 year olds and is designed to build and improve the skills and confidence needed to complete CV’s, university application forms or job applications.

Activities on the course include kayaking, multi day expeditions, camping and gorge walking. Each participant will receive a reference from their instructor, and receive a 12 month training plan to help progression and personal development. Chloe sees this as an opportunity to make the most of new experiences, have a positive attitude and have a desire to achieve.

She explains why she would like to complete the course. “I attended a 5 day residential at Outward Bound, Loch Eil Centre last summer and I really enjoyed the course.The leaders at the end of the week spoke to me about doing this 19 day course and felt I would be an excellent candidate for it.I love the outdoors and love having a challenge.I am quite a shy person and have struggled with interviews and communicating with people.This course is going to give me the confidence and skills needed to help me move on and hopefully get into employment or future training.I will also be doing work on CV & interview skills when on the course.”

Chloe would like funding from the Alpkit Foundation as she is currently on Employment and Support Allowance, and receives no other financial support. At the age of 16 she became homeless, estranged from her parents. Chloe now receives housing support from the Fire Station Project. The project supports vulnerable adults, between 16 - 25 years of age who have experiences homelessness, or are at risk of becoming homeless. It is the Fire Station Project who gave Chloe the support and encouragement to attend her initial 5 day residential course at Loch Eil.

From the course, Chloe will gain lots of new skills, and improve on the existing skills she has. She hopes to gain enough confidence to go in to employment, or further education.

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