Supporting Boys2Men

Supporting Boys2Men

By Alpkit

Supporting Boys2Men nurtures young leaders by providing mentorship and outdoor activities that help boys discover their potential while fostering confidence and empathy.

Boys2Men is the latest to receive funding from the Alpkit Foundation. Boys2Men was first set up by Phil, a community worker in Redditch. The organisation aims to support boys as they approach their teenage years, exploring issues of the role of dads, emotional and social development. Their latest project is focused on young adults, aged between 11 and 14, who are underachieving in someway at school. Their ‘dads and lads’ program will help to strengthen the bond between them, through adventurous and fun activities.

Phil explains why the project is happening. “Every boy is looking for a mentor to lead them through their challenging teenage years. Traditionally the father, or father figure, has fulfilled this role. However, in today’s society, boys are looking for positive role models who have care and compassion and demonstrate qualities such as determination and humility. In a recent report, it has been identified that there are over 1 million families in Britain that are fatherless. Educationalists and Youth Workers have highlighted the need for positive male role models both in family and society. The report also highlighted the number of unruly groups of men with little or no guidance or positive role models. Our Motto we feel expresses that ‘Nurturing Lads by Empowering Dads’ is a way of providing this much needed support to a young boy.”

Boys2Men would like help from the Alpkit Foundation as last September they became an independently registered charity, having spent 6 years under the Restitch YMCA umbrella. They therefore do not have the available funds to purchase the equipment needed for their latest project. The Alpkit Foundation will help fund new camping and cooking equipment.

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