Supporting a School Community Project in Goulmima

Supporting a School Community Project in Goulmima

By Alpkit

Supporting a school community project in Goulmima builds bridges between continents, offering students the chance to connect and share kindness.

The Alpkit Foundation is delighted to support St Bernard’s Catholic High School in Cumbria. They want to take students to Morocco, trekking in High Atlas. 13 secondary pupils aged 14 to 16, will travel to Marrakech before heading into the mountains to trek, and eventually summit Jbel Toubkal (4,167m). They will then travel to Goulmima for a community project where they will work to improve facilities in a local school, whilst living in a remote part of the country.

Neil, from St Bernard’s, explains the project. “This is the third such expedition that the school has run, with pupils providing their own aims and being involved in the planning of a unique expedition. The lead up to the project has seen pupils fundraising to meet costs of the trip and undertaking training to meet the demands that will be placed upon them (as much as training in the Lake District in March can prepare for North African heat!) The expedition is the culmination of 2 years of planning and preparation, with the hope of meeting the aims of the team; meeting new people, trying new things & remaining positive at all times. It’s an excellent opportunity for cultural and personal development.”

Help is needed from the Alpkit Foundation to fund some of the transportation costs. Transport for any trip is difficult, even more so when meeting the costs of an international expedition.

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