St Peters RC Primary School

St Peters RC Primary School

By Toria Bryson>

The Alpkit Foundation is pleased to support St Peters RC Primary School in Middleton, Manchester. They would like to grant all children access to Forest School sessions. The Forest School Initiative is a learner-centred approach to education. It allows children to develop confidence, self-esteem, and relationships with themselves, peers and the environment. All participants are entitled to choose and initiate their own learning, and are encouraged to risk take, explore and discover. Rather than one-off visits, the Forest should be regularly visited, gradually building and strengthening skills learned and developed.

St Peters RC Primary want to set up a Forest School area within the school grounds. As Forest School must be run by qualified leaders, they also need to train a member of staff to become a Level 2 practitioner. Equipment is also needed to enable activities to be carried out.

Joanne, from St Peters RC Primary, explains why the project is happening. “We are doing Forest school as it enables all abilities to succeed in the outdoors. It will build self confidence and team building skills. It will encourage children to persevere and try new things and develop life long skills. It will also encourage children to be more respectful of their environment and learn how to conserve it. It will develop communication and language skills and encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning. We also have Beavers and Cubs who use our site and a Sure Start Centre. If a Forest school was established then lots of children would benefit.”

The Alpkit Foundation is helping to fund this, enabling the project to take off.

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