Schools out on the Alta Via

Schools out on the Alta Via

By Col

We've been Alpine Dreamin' since way back when. We've filled vans, taken flights and caught trains togoand playin the Alps. Of course there's one thing pouring over images in guidebooks, or posters on the wall, butit's not always that easy to get first handexperience. Well...what if you wantedto take 10 school children to do just that? Not only givingthem anamazing experience, but also teach them skillsto be able to go out again by themselves?That's what Andy Hodges from Coombe Dean School is looking to do. "I will be leading a group of students to complete what is believed to be the first exped on the Alta Via 1 (Aosta)"

Some of the students are not from well off backgrounds but allare focused on self-funding the adventure through part-time jobs whichshowsa real passion and commitment to achieve their goal.Aged 15 to 17, they have allcompleted the 35 miles Ten tors Challenge and most are taking part in the 45 mile route this year. The Alpkit Foundationwere delighted to be able to put in a little support to help them towards this

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