Over £300,000 gone to support 900 projects.

Over £300,000 gone to support 900 projects.

By Col Stocker>

It has been another fantastic year for the Alpkit Foundation.

Last October we had just released our first ‘Little Green Book’ celebrating the fact that earlier in the year we had surpassed £200,000 in support to over 560 projects since the Alpkit Foundation was set up in 2015. This year certainly hasn’t slowed down and from October to October we have supported over another 300 projects and donated more than £65,000.

This takes the rolling total now to over £300,000 going towards supporting 900 projects and individuals, in turn having an impact on many more lives. We continue to be incredibly thankful to our customers who by joining the Alpkit journey have in turn made it possible for the Alpkit Foundation to grow and help others go nice places, do good things.

When Covid-19 hit, as a small charity we knew we could quickly shift the focus of our support to projects that were a lot more immediate, that would help individuals and communities demonstrating an immediate impact on those affected. It certainly opened our eyes to the amazing work so many people were doing as we supported applications from those working towards minimising the impact of self isolation to community foodbanks. Yes, we knew that in the grand scheme of the pandemic there were areas that we wouldn’t even make a dent, but from experience we did know that smaller amounts targeted to grassroots projects would still make a massive difference.

We know the outdoors is so good. Good for the mind, the body and the soul and we continue to support projects with smaller, easy to access grants that make an immediate impact on many grassroots and small projects. It doesn’t stop us being blown away by the number of incredible people out there, and if we can help out in just a little way with that 1%, then we know that they will go on to make some big differences to lots of peoples lives.

Stay safe, look out for each other. Let’s hope through the next year we can all look to Go Nice Places, Do Good Things, and if some people are struggling, then let’s help them come along too.

If you know someone who likes doing something awesome, why not treat them to the wonderful gifting of Go Nice Places, Do Good Thing with one of our Alpkit Foundation Outdoor Giving Cards?

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