Mountain Rescue Drone

Mountain Rescue Drone

By Col Stocker>

Drones are becoming a crucial element in helping the teams ready to look after us should we get into trouble when out enjoying the mountains. Scotland's Search and Rescue Aerial Association have their own little fleet and help provide pilot training. The work they have been doing over the last few years means that in Scotland there are now 19 pilots and 21 drones across nine Scottish mountain rescue teams.

Earlier this year The Alpkit Foundation were pleased to award £200 which enabled a donated drone to be made fully operational. As chair of the SARAA - Scotland Tom Nash explained.

“The award allowed us to purchase the additional items that have turned a drone that was only useful for training into a fully operational equipment set. By being able to get the immersive goggles for the sensor operator, additional batteries to extend flying time and a smart controller that allows full system feedback to the pilot, it means that it can now be used on live mountain rescue callouts, searches and risk reduction for volunteer team members.”

It’s great to hear how much of an impact the drones are making, and Tom informed us that this particular unit has been out with Skye Mountain Rescue Team who are just starting to develop a drone unit within their own team.

So not only has this benefited SARAA Scotland with an additional fully operational drone, Skye Mountain Rescue Team have been able to get the experience of flying it. All of which ultimately helps those people who may find themselves in trouble, by making it, quicker, safer and easier to track down incidents in the mountains.

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