More than a drop

More than a drop

By Col

It's oh so wonderful.

Everything matters and every thing we do has aneffect. The world is full of amazing people that want to make the world a better place, which is why we are honoured to be supporting some incredible projects.So 1% of Alpkit sales goes in the pot each month anyway,which we thank our customers for. Every time you treat yourself to some of the goodies we make, you'll be helping fund one of theprojects. However there are other ways to fundraise and donate tomake even more small steps that canmake abiggerdifference.

We're delighted to have been accepted as a charity on the platform.
100% of all donations made via will go to the charity, including any Gift Aid. You can also do some fundraising too! We're not suggesting youorganise an Asparagus run, but if you're planning on running a marathon, spending 24 hours in a bath of beans, doing a litter pick, putting on a cake sale thenthe wonderful thing about Wonderful is that all those hard earned fundraising efforts will result in every penny going direct to the charity.

We love receiving reports from individuals and groups about how they have got on since receiving an award from the Alpkit Foundation, it often reinforces just how small amounts can create a wave that spreads far beyond the immediate. This shows that even a little donation can often go on to make a big difference,sowhen supporting direct action projects and individualsyou can see easily the impact it has, that it's more than just a drop in the ocean. Whether that's personal training that helps one persons life soar, but who then goes on to inspire, teach and helps give life changing adventures to so many more. Or supporting those driven on giving people with special needs the same experiences of joy in the outdoors that many of us will take for granted, but at the same time gives a respite for carers and families, or even a chance to volunteer.

Here are some other options.If you are a UK tax payer,don’t forget to sign the Gift Aid Declaration!

PayPal Giving Fund - 100% of donations made via the PayPal Giving Fund Portal will go to the charity.

Facebook Fundraiser -Your fundraising efforts will go into our PayPal Giving Fund so you can be sure 100% of the amount raised will go to the charity.

Amazon Smile -0.5% of the net purchase price of eligible purchases to the charitable organisation of your choice.

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