Helping to protect London's River Lea

Helping to protect London's River Lea

By Alpkit>

The latest to receive funding from the Alpkit Foundation is Thames21. Thames21 and it’s volunteers work hard every year to clean and transform London’s waterways, to improve and protect rivers and canals for both people and wildlife. In their latest project, Thames21 would like to introduce a new reedbed in to the River Lea, to tackle water pollution and provide habitats for wildlife.

The River Lea is one of the most polluted rivers in the UK. Reedbeds are a great way of tackling water pollution naturally, whilst providing increased green space, improved biodiversity and water quality.

Ben, from Thames21 describes the project in further detail. “We are doing the project to provide new habitats for wildlife and a place for fish to spawn, protected from wildfowl. We want to 'green' a heavily urbanised section of waterway for local people. Thames21's Love the Lea campaign aims to improve the water quality of the rivers of the Lea Catchment. The river Lea is London's second river and provides a much needed escape from the city for local people. This section of the waterway is heavily urbanised and is in much need of greening. Financial help from the Alpkit Foundation would help provide volunteer opportunities, education sessions, and of course, a large beautiful reedbed.”

Thames21 also have a grant from the Environment Agency to complete their project. The Alpkit Foundation is providing funding for a training course for local people, to improve knowledge on environmental matters.

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