eXXpedition: Researching Marine Plastic Pollution

eXXpedition: Researching Marine Plastic Pollution

By Talyn Williams>

We're all trying to do our bit for the environment, whether that's having determination to cycle to work every day, no matter the weather, to try and reduce our carbon footprints or pledging to only buy loose fruit and veg and avoid any unnecessary excess packaging. Whatever it is, it's important for everyone to pitch in if we're to really make a difference.

One thing's for sure though, the condition of our oceans is deterierating and our plastic consumption is one of the leading causes of this. Even in the UK, researchers are finding microplastics in lakes, remote waterways and places you'd never expect. There are mounds of plastic rubbish floating all over the ocean and being mistakenly consumed by marine mammals and fish alike.

eXXpedition isan all-female crew who are voyaging across our planets oceans to study the true impact that plastic is having. Launching off in 2014, their mission is to "shift the way people feel, think and act by building a global network of multidisciplinary women who can contribute to world-class scientific studies, explore solutions, and use their unique skill sets to tackle the problem from all angles", stating that "there’s no silver bullet solution to the ocean plastic crisis." This group of amazing and inspiring women are really striving for change and making a difference by spreading awareness in local communities all over the world and finding actionable solutions.

Jana Darmovzalova got in touch with us at the Alpkit Foundation to ask for a little help in joining the crew. Being a non-profit Community Interest Comany, they rely heavily on external and crew donations to help cover the expedition costs of each leg. Jana recently graduated from her PhD in Enironment and Agrifood and told us about how she'll be making a difference...

"The all-female team has been sailing the world for the past 4 years, collecting samples to create a database of the distribution of marine plastic pollution in our oceans to study toxicology of microplastics and associated toxins. I will perform beach clean ups and spread the word through public outreach and collaboration with local authorities and other stakeholders. I will be joining the crew in the Pacific Ocean to study the problem in the Fiji/Vanuatu area. I will continue with outreach activities as a volunteer through talks and social media channels."

On return from joining the eXXpedition crew, Jana plans to continue her work of spreading awareness by establishing an environmental education organisation to further benefit local communities.

We're incredibly inspired by the work of Jana and the eXXpedition crew and are really happy to be able to offer them our support.

Join us with Jana at Alpkit Keswick!

Come along to meet Jana as she hosts a talk in Alpkit Keswick focusing on the work of the eXXpedition crew and how we can all make a difference at home. Jana will also be joined by representitives from the Colourful Coast Partnership and West Cubrian Rivers Trust for an evening of truly inspiring talks focusing on environmental sustainability and the impacts of plastic pollution.

All proceeds from tickets go to the Alpkit Foundation so we may continue to support the amazing work of Jana and many like her.

Get your tickets here!

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