Customer trustee Helen

Customer trustee Helen

By Col Stocker>

With the Alpkit Foundation so inextricably linked to Alpkit, it’s important for us to have a balanced board of trustees with a spread of experiences. This is within the business through directors and staff, but also externally with independent and customer trustees.

Helen recently joined us as a customer trustee, bringing a wealth of direct action experience in the outdoors. Let's meet her.

“For over 25 years, I have been passionate about the impact nature can have on our lives from leading conservation projects, organising expeditions for an adventure holiday company, school expeditions and a breast cancer charity. Through to now working for Forestry England, as an Active Forest Co-ordinator.

With my own life challenges, to keep going I have always sought the outdoors and endeavour to help those less fortunate be able to do the same. I am particularly keen to help others who apply for funding break down the barriers to experience adventures. Having recently qualifying as a mental health first aider it’s amazing to see the positive impact that getting outdoors can have.

Personally I am always looking for the next charity project and adventure whether that’s buying a Canadian canoe to canoe the Spey, or cycling 220 miles of the King Alfred’s Way on my own. In fact my kids would class me as ‘Adventure Mum’, as I am always off canoeing, mountain biking and planning the next adventure. I love getting them involved in adventures too – canoeing down the Wye River, up to Scotland and locally on the South Downs.”

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