Alpkit Foundation 2021

Alpkit Foundation 2021

By Col Stocker

It’s been another fantastic year at the Alpkit Foundation and as we draw towards the end of 2021 we can look back on lots of challenges but ultimately so many positives and a real passion to embrace the importance of being able to get outside.

This year has seen us award over £130,000 to 500 projects, nearly double the awards going out through 2020. It really is an honour to be able to do this and with the Alpkit Foundation being so core to Alpkit’s values, what’s so exciting is seeing the potential to make even more of an impact as we see positive growth through Alpkit over the coming year as well.

Overall this has now seen us support over 1500 projects, with more than £450,000 since we set up in 2015. This is just incredible and reinforces both our commitment to give back and the impact and support it can have on so many incredible projects and the passionate work of individuals looking to harness the benefits of the outdoors.

It is our customers that support grass roots projects with everything they buy. Thank you.

Mytime young carers
Water of Leith

The importance of being able to access the outdoors continues to be more powerful than ever. As we saw a move back to more outdoor activity it’s exciting to still be able to offer smaller awards to a wide range of projects, something we have no plans to change and it’s amazing to be able to see the real direct impact it can make.

chaos mental health walks
Steppers UK

With over 500 to choose from and with everyone doing such incredible work, it really is difficult to pull out highlights. But what's evident once again is the real mix of projects from walking groups for the visually impaired, adventure days for young carers, DofE groups being set up, right through to transport to get those from ethnic minority communities outside who would perhaps normally lack the knowledge or confidence, or opportunity to do so.

Alongside the smaller awards we have had some lovely successes in collaborating with other organisations by providing larger funds that thy can then award on out behalf, with the same criteria.

At the Lindley Educational Trust the extra support allowed them to identify and target 7 projects and groups that they work with that would perhaps have been harder for us to access, or recognise the importance of. This included training days for walking groups, an adventure day for 24 children from West African Development Centre and residential trips for young people from the Ashton and Pitsmoor youth clubs.

We also supported The Association of Mountaineering Instructors through their Charity Tender funding, which has seen real positive outcomes as they use it for their aims all of which closely align to those of the Alpkit Foundation. This includes the advancement of mountaineering education (including training), promotion of good health and well being and the promotion of equality and diversity.

With such postive outcomes this year we’re delighted to be able to carry on this support through next year once again.

Events for Alpkit Foundation

Through the year we had some great events that helped bring more focus to the Alpkit Foundation and what we’re doing. These included a MRT 10% store weekend which raised £4,500 to localised support around stores and the incredible work the teams have been doing for us.
Our Double donation week through Black Friday was a huge success and doubling the donation we normally put to the Alpkit Foundation it allowed us to put support to around 100 more projects.
With the Big Shakeout back this year it was another great opportunity to not only celebrate the outdoors, but also think about how important it is to open up opportunities to other, so it’s fitting to be able to put proceeds from this back into the Alpkit Foundation.

Mountain rescue 10
Sonder rides

Not to forget, we are also currently half way through our Sonder Winter Gravel Series (tickets for some rides still available by the way!) which given its popularity is looking likely to raise around £7000 for the Alpkit Foundation.

So as we once again seem to have waves of uncertainty facing us, the importance of being able to access and enjoy what the outside can give us remains as crucial as ever. As we look to go nice places, do good things through 2022 we hope we can support even more people have that chance too.

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