A high, long and dark challenge

A high, long and dark challenge

By Col>

"The positive support shown by those around them ‘influenced them’ and helped them to continue at times they were struggling."
Getting the chance to enjoy participating in outdoor activities is great, but unfortunately not everyone can do this easily. Not only does it offer a real sense of adventure, it can really develop self confidence and character. Recently the Alpkit Foundation supported the Lancashire Boys and Girls Club by providing funds to cover transport to get away for a week of adventure in the Lake District. The boys and girls involved with the club are from highly disadvantaged areas of Lancashire and by simply covering the transport costs meant that they could further reduce the costs of the residential, helping to remove any financial barriers that some may have faced. So off they went to climb a mountain, canoe in a lake and explore a mine.

Andy Gun from LABGC explains why it was so beneficial to help get these children away for the week.

" Reviewing the week it was obvious that it really grew personal confidence and developed character through taking on challenges and achieving success – Everyone was challenged throughout their time away. This was our intention as we stressed in the build-up that it was a ‘challenge’ and for those who were ‘up for it’. This was evident on the exploration of Nenthead mine, as a number of the group were very nervous about enclosed spaces especially the crawl sections. However each member of the group completed each challenge that was put in front of them and there was a sense of pride evident at the end"

"For many of the members of the group it was the first time they had taken part in any outdoor adventure activities especially the member who had autism. The end of residential review indicated that the group had a great experience and all the challenges were mentioned as personal highlights during their time away and had left them wanting more. It also had a significant impact on developing self-awareness, social skills and appreciation of the contributions and achievements of themselves and others. – As the week progressed members became more aware of theirs and others strengths and weakness. If members were struggling they could be found supporting them by e.g. changing the members in rafted canoes to ensure they were ‘more balanced’, showing where to place feet to avoid getting wet in mines."

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