A skort is a cross between a skirt and shorts and ideal for travel, trail running and hiking

The Aiguille: Our First Ever Skort

By Alex Guerrero

We’re launching our first ever skort! It’s a 2-layer, lightweight legwear option for fastpacking, trail running and hiking. For the launch of our first skort, we had a chat with Ronnie. She’s our Head of Design.

The Lowdown

  1. Why did we decide to make a skort?
  2. What are the benefits of wearing a skort instead of shorts?
  3. What technical features does the Aiguille skort have?

Why did we decide to make a skort?

“Skirts are cool and comfortable. Shorts are practical. And skorts are both! They give you the freedom of movement and modesty to look good and feel good while fast packing or hiking out on the trail.”

What are the benefits of wearing a skort instead of shorts?

a man and woman walking in a field, the woman is wearing the Aiguille skort

A massive advantage of a skort is simply choice. You can choose to wear that feels more “fun” and feminine. And the Aiguille skort gives you the “psychological comfort” of feeling less frumpy when you’re going for a cool-down drink post-hike.

It provides better coverage over the shape of your legs and bum, whilst still offering you freedom of movement. The lightweight mesh inner short alongside a loose fit outer skirt makes the Aiguille skort one of the most freeing garments you could wear. We designed it so you don’t even notice that you’re wearing it. After all, the absence of discomfort is the definition of comfort.

Is a skort short?

The Aiguille skort is about mid-thigh length. Although, it depends on your height, of course!

What technical features does the Aiguille skort have?

aiguille skort

Aiguille Skort
Lightweight, cool skort for running, fastpacking and hiking

The Aiguille is designed with comfort in mind. It’s packable and fast drying. Perfect for hut-to-hut adventures! The Aiguille skort helps you manage moisture comfortably for hot days on the trail. The split-cut skirt offers you maximum mobility.

The mesh inner short stops dreaded warm weather thigh chafing. And better yet, skorts are great for natural curves. They don’t ride up when you’re moving, meaning you still stay covered and stay comfortable.

The skort also has concealed thigh pockets for secure storage of valuable items and stash pockets for your snacks and gels.

And, in trying to keep a lightweight construction, we worked hard on an integrated elastic waistband.

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