Stranger on the hill

Stranger on the hill

By AK Guest

A Treasured Outdoor  Moment - Sheridan Demi-Kyte.

My first walk up Kinder Scout :

Thank you to this stranger who became my friend for a small part of today. I always find it magical, meeting people, bumping into them by chance, it can be as if two paths cross at just the right time, for a purpose.

I started my walk today, feeling a little nervous. I was challenging myself, I can feel anxious with heights but I have a goal to climb a mountain, so a peak is a good place to start, it's something I've wanted to do for ages. I was a little sceptical about the best way to get up there, but when I had stopped to ask a trio if I was heading in the right direction, this man passed. I'd seen him shortly after I left my car. He was just about to chip in and say something as he passed, but held his words and carried on.


Happy I was heading in the right direction, I carried on.. I soon saw the familiar figure and bobble hat up in front. He must be going where I am, I thought. As the climb got a little more difficult, I stopped a few times, hesitating, wondering if to carry on or not - dam anxiety I thought, why can't I just feel OK! After adjusting to the new height I pushed on and carried on up and up .. the guy, I couldn't see him anymore, but I knew the way now, it was straight forward.

As I got to Kinder downfall, I saw the familiar bobble hat. Sat near the stream, having some lunch. I went to speak to him, he was happy to see me and said he wondered where I had got to and had hoped that I was ok. I explained to him the reason for my delay. He listened and shared, and I felt even more at ease being up high. At this point I knew I'd complete my challenge. Off he went, while I explored a little. I'd look out for his hat if I wondered what way to go, we had both agreed that.

It wasn't long before our paths met again. We walked together for a little while, we spoke about life, about family and the history of the peaks around us. He took my photo for me and showed me a beautiful place to rest and eat. A place where he would once sit, with his passed brother ❤️

He ensured I knew the way down. I thanked him, we said how nice it was to meet one another. And that was that. When I was descending, I saw a figure on a path, low down, a little distance away. It was the man in a bobble hat. We waved to each other. 'Are you ok' he shouted, 'yes thank you, enjoying the views' I replied.

You can just about make him out in the main photo.
Thank you to this stranger. He made my day

We are never really alone.
Its so beautiful to be kind, to be open and to connect

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