OMM 2010 KIT

OMM 2010 KIT

By Shaggy

This coming weekend is the 2010 edition of the Original Mountain Marathon. It’s a classic event and I’ve always fancied a bash at it- this will be my first attempt. When entries came out I managed to rope in a colleague, Jon “Chewy” Price, who I’ve done some racing within the past, to run in the B category. We had grand plans, which run aground as we both struggled with injury through the summer. A week before the event we were looking decidedly shaky- I was off work with some viral/bug thing and sleeping 16hrs a day while Chewy seemed unable to breath at anything above walking pace. Thankfully the situation has improved and I can now say awake and Chewy can breathe through both nostrils. We might just make it round yet!

I’ve tried to keep my load fairly minimal, but, as we will be taking it easy (relatively speaking, of course), we are packing plenty of food and warm clothing. Thankfully I have a well used range of kit, and I know what I like so decisions weren’t that hard. Most of my kit is bike orientated so a few funny bits have ended up in the pack, suffice to say it’s all been tried out in advance. The OMM compulsory kit list has caused me to add quite a bit that I wouldn’t take normally, but rules are rules. Here are some bits that are, hopefully, interesting.

Spot tracker
I bought this satellite for my attempt at the West Highland Way double. It was expensive so I thought I’d bring it along. Hopefully, you’ll be able to watch our process in real time. I’ll post a link once I’ve set up the tracking page. Some other teams are being issued with similar devices so it could be interesting viewing.

Alpkit tent
This is an prototype of a new lightweight 2 person tent. The guys sent it down to get a bit more real world testing in. It’s not quite right yet (thats what prototypes are for!) but it seems sturdy, and not too tight a squeeze. Lets see if it stands up to the forecasted gales eh?

Titanium cookware
My trusty, battered MytiMug and Tifoon were the default choice. I’m not taking the lid (cos I’ve lost it…) but handily a Pot Noodle top does the job nicely, so I can pretend I was saving weight. I’ve supplemented them with titanium solid fuel stove that I bought on eBay. It’s tiny and weighs a measly 11g. At £7 I think it was a bit of a bargain. Solid fuel may not be as quick as gas but time isn’t really important at the overnight camp. Meths burners may compete on weight but are more hassle if you have to refill the stove. To supplement the aerospace grade kit I’ve fashioned a high-tech windbreak out of, well, tin foil and a hair clip.

Inov-8 Pro Race 22l pack
The one bit of kit I’ve really debated over is the rucksack. I have a Salomon Raid 30 which fits me well and is very comfortable when full. Unfortunately I’m only carrying about 20 litres, and even compressed as much as I can, it doesn’t work quite right. My friend Tom at Team Adidas Terrex lent me a OMM branded 20l pack which fits everything neatly but the back seems far too short for me and was uncomfortable in use. Thankfully at this stage Matt from Inov-8 stepped in and offered me a loan of a new pack. Specification wise it seems spot on, however I’m only seeing it for the first time on Friday so it’s first use, in anger, will be race day. What’s the worst that could happen?!

Here’s the complete list of what I’m planning on taking:

Team kit (I’ll be carrying half of this.)
Prototype Alpkit light weight 2 person tent.
Alpkit MytiMug
Titanium Esbit stove with tin foil wind break
Lots of solid fuel tablets.
Waterproof matches

Inov-8 Mud Claw 330 shoes
Patagonia R1 flash pullover
Montbell Thermowrap jacket (posh synthetic insulating jacket)
Gore bike ware Alp-X Paclite jacket
“Outdoor Performance Climate Trouser”, that’s £5 waterproof trousers to you and me
Running t-shirt
Running 3/4s
Bontrager tights
2 pairs of socks
Latex gloves
Mountain Equipment Softshell gloves
Patagonia beanie

Personal Kit:
Alpkit PD200 sleeping bag
Alpkit Gamma
Alpkit Tifoon
Alpkit Airlok bags (4 and 8l, they do a great job of compacting everything!)
2011 Inov-8 Race Pro 22l rucksack
Foil bubble wrap “sleeping mat”
First aid kit
Survival bag
Basic Silva compass
Soft drinks bottle (for water)
2 Plastic bags (to put feet in wet shoes on Saturday night)
Ear plugs
Pencil & Paper
Toilet paper
Spot Tracker
Cannon Powershot D10

Pot noodle
2 Super Noodles
Lots of trail mix
6 Mule Bars
2 Mule Bar recovery bars
4 Mule Bar gels
Beef jerky
Chilli olives
Pork scratchings
6 Reeses Peanut Butter cups (now available in Tescos! I may get fat…)
8 Nuun tablets
Singletrack World hipflask filled with Balvenie Double Wood.

Wish us luck!

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