Moonlight on Grisedale

Moonlight on Grisedale

By AK Guest

A Treasured Outdoor Moment - Rosie Cole

Dear Alpkit Elves,

I wanted to get in touch with you to tell you about a cool little adventure we had yesterday in our back garden (the Lake District)

Our intrepid team (James B, James L, Ruth, Clare and myself) left Braithwaite and set off up Grisedale pike looking at the ominous cloud shrouding the summit... As we got to the top and sipped mulled wine from shot glasses we 'mulled' over our options... It had always been our intention to walk through dusk to night time with the full moon lighting our way but our resolve had been wavering with the biting wind chill and cloudy skies. Then, as if the weather gods had taken pity on us, the cloud suddenly dispersed and we were treated to a beautiful view across the lakes.

Daft poses and shrieks of glee and slight moans as we tried to snap pics on phones with increasingly cold fingers!

Ruth and James headed down the valley whilst Clare, James and I were treated to incredible sunset views across to Buttermere and the west coast as we walked round the back of Crag Hill and up towards the summit. Just before we reached the top of crag hill the moon loomed up into view in crystal clear skies. We literally could not have asked for better weather or a better view or better friends to be sharing the experience with.

The wind had dropped and a magical stillness pervaded, the sort of goosebump, spine tingling experience that carries you through those seemingly endless wet and windy days of mid winter (or as we found out today new tier 4 regulations ) we walked along to sale fell with the moon causing the snow to sparkle beneath our feet and casting long moon shadows behind us, (so no need to whip out our trusty Alpkit headtorches.)

And so we descended from Barrow back to Braithwaite just in time to nip to Keswick for a bag of chips. Possibly *the* outing of the year.

Sorry for this being a bit 'war and peace' esq but having seen the treasure hunt posts on Instagram thought I'd share our moon chasing adventure with you.

We love going nice places. To do good things. With a sprinkling of daftness and an appreciation of how lucky we are thrown in.


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  • Fantastic photos of your moonlit walk. Great you have all the best high quality gear and kit for magic moments like these..

    Jo Cole

    January 18, 2021

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