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Hut Living

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So you're looking to head into the mountains for a number of days walking, climbing or biking. Maybe you don't fancy having to pitch up a tent every time you move on, or maybe you're carrying a load of kit and want to base yourself from which to explore the area. Well luckily people have been disappearing into the wilderness for donkeys years... and that's a long time, creating a network of permanent buildings that would provide shelter whilst out for days on end, whether tending sheep, droving cattle or hunting and fishing.

If you're lucky enough then you may well find some form of backcountry hut network in your country, whether that's American and Scandinavian wilderness huts, New Zealand tramping huts and of course the UK bothy. Quite often huts will be situated along long distance trails, which makes them ideal, convenient places to stay if you're planning on really getting away from it all.

Of course it is important to do your research first as the vast majority will be basic with no facilities, so it’s important you still take appropriate equipment, plus some hut networks will have special rules and regulations that help and ensure a continued up keep. Even in well established areas such as the Alps, customs will vary between countries, so either check on line or even better speak to people who have been before.

So journey from our home grown Bothy. Often simple and basic, with the bare minimum of facilities. A place to shelter and have a fire but often no wood provided, unless you're really lucky, so be prepared to hunt out your own! To cook up a hearty stew or warming cuppa whilst you spin tall tails of endeavour late into the evening as the storm lashes outside. Each of these bothies standing strong with its own majestic beauty set into the wild landscape.

Mountain Bothy Associationand for more inspiration on what the bothy experience can bring we've picked just a selction of our fave bothy inspired stories. Podcast. The Angel of Camasunary.Photo. Our Humble Abode.

For a bit more helpful advice on alpine huts check out the BMC and information on huts from theSwiss Alpine Club, the Department of Conservation if off tramping in New Zealand, the National Parks in Finalnd and... well we could travel on and on...

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